KPinC Consulting, LLC
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Competitive Assessment and Price-to-Win Training

Learn to Assess your Competition and Determine your Price-To-Win
Conducting a Competitive Assessment can benefit any company competing for Government Contracts; however it is essential that you utilize a standardized, tested approach.  KPinC's tested training provides our customers with a solid foundation in:
Identifying customer needs.
Conducting a self-assessment.
Conducting a competitor assessment.
Gathering competitor intelligence.
Strategy selection.
Evaluating your advantages and disadvantages.
Applying lesson learned.

Price-to-Win (P2W) is the "optimum" price that provides the best opportunity to win. KPinC will show you how to gather information relative  to your respective market and competitive landscape.

Our successful process will provide your Team with the advantage you need to make the right decisions and put you on the path to success.

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