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Kathryn Cordeiro
Ms. Kathryn Cordeiro has extensive technical, management, financial, and marketing experience across industries. Her multifaceted experience in product research, competitive analysis, content development, technical writing, and information presentation gives her clients a competitive advantage. Throughout the course of her career she has worked both as an independent contractor assisting in business development efforts and has also managed departments of over 50 personnel to increase business and revenue. Ms. Cordeiro has been involved in winning proposal efforts worth over $14B.

Ms. Cordeiro works independently and with clients to conduct comprehensive product assessments which often include sourcing analysis, materials management, and technical comparisons. She has intimate knowledge of a variety of on-line bid and procurement sites and has developed comprehensive training and tracking systems to assist clients on finding and tracking solicitations of interest. Additionally her experience includes RFP and specification analysis and deconstruction, volume development, proposal section review, and development of various organizational source documents and plans. She is familiar with short turnaround times and highly technical information and has extensive experience distilling and presenting highly complex information.

Karin Pomerantz
For over 15 years, Ms. Karin Pomerantz has been involved with, and managed winning proposals totaling over $26B. She has experience working with clients in different industries ranging from administrative services to textiles to tactical wheeled vehicles. This diversity gives her a unique perspective on business needs, documentation content integration, and information presentation methodology. She has worked with multiple clients to assist them in meeting their business development and organizational goals via proposal and project management, and organizational preparedness including developing and documenting organizational plans, processes and protocols. She has been hired by commercial companies to assist them in entering the government sector and by government contractors looking to increase their market share.

Ms. Pomerantz has experience at every level of proposal development from desktop publishing to ColorTeam reviewer. She has extensive experience in technical writing and editing, RFP analysis, outline development, document preparation and final production of both large proposal documents and smaller, more sophisticated marketing collateral. She also has experience working with organizational management to capitalize on assets, minimize redundant work, improve effective communication, and prepare for upcoming programs. Ms. Pomerantz's expertise can assist you and your organization at every step of the Government procurement process including conducting market analyses, making go/no go decisions, developing win themes, building the most effective team, analyzing RFPs, maintaining compliance, writing and editing text, and preparing final submissions.

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