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Proposal Development

KPinC Offers Comprehensive "Soup to Nuts" Proposal Support
If you are looking for comprehensive proven proposal development solutions, you have come to the right place. KPinC will work with your Team to develop and produce a 100% compliant proposal. Whether you are a novice or an expert in Government contracting, our tested methodology and implementation is tailored to your specific needs. We will walk you through every step of the proposal process or assist with specific targeted areas based on your needs and budget.  Our experience with multiple state and Federal agencies will give you the advantage you need. We have a history of success and know what it takes to win. KPinC's comprehensive Proposal Development Solutions include:

- R
FP Analysis
- Outline Development

- Compliance Matrix Development

- Win Strategy Development
- Content Creation
- Subcontractor Input Management
- Pink and Red Team Organization, Review and Resolution
- Document Layout and Design
- Production and Final Delivery

KPinC Offers "Foundation" Proposal Support
Every winning proposal begins with a solid foundation: a 100% compliant outline and a comprehensive compliance matrix.

An average proposal effort costs between $15,000 and $80,000. We know that in this austere Government contracting environment, companies are looking to save dollars every way they can, yet still want a competitive advantage.  For this reason, KPinC is launching a new service offering. For less than $3,000* we will read your RFP, develop your outlines and compliance matrices, and provide you with the foundation of a winning proposal.  Within 48** hours of receiving your RFP and payment, we will provide you with:

An outline for each volume
- A compliance matrix for each volume

- A sample schedule/calendar to track timelines (NO CHARGE)

- A sample section tracker to track the progress of each proposal volume section (NO CHARGE)

For more information or pricing, process, or timeline, please send a request via our "Contact" page or email us at

* Final cost may vary based on RFP size and scope.
Average time. Final timeline may vary based on RFP size.
Notes: KPinC does not provide stock proposal templates because effective proposal outlines are customized for each individual RFP. 
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