KPinC Consulting, LLC
A Government Procurement and Business Development Solutions Company

SME Capabilities
Our Subject Matter Experts range in experience from retired military personnel with over 25 years of acquisition and contracting experience to individuals with over 20 years commercial engineering experience to graphic designers with decades of international advertising experience. Our cadre of professionals can provide product, service, and market insight to support your organization's business development goals. Our SMEs provide comprehensive consulting and support in:
- Military and Commercial Acquisition and Contracting
- Technology Development and Transfer
- Program and Project Management
- Business Acquisition and Cost Analysis
- Logistics Management
- Strategic Planning
- Survivability, Lethality, Vehicle Systems, and Mechanical Engineering
- Weapons Systems Integration
- Third Party Test Certification
- Developing New Customers and New Markets
- Ballistics
- Organizational Leadership
- Managing Product Development
- Organizational Re-branding
- Graphic Design
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