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Defense Engineering Services, LLC (DES)
Defense Engineering Services, LLC (DES) has over thirty years combined experience in test and evaluation, design and systems engineering, and survivability expertise in Kinetic Energy (KE), Chemical Energy (CE), Anti-Armor IED (AAIED), and mine blast.  This experience was successfully applied to ground tactical vehicles for the Department of Defense, from up-armored HMMWV to GMV to MRAP to Tank Systems, and in commercial armored vehicles for US and foreign government agencies.  DES personnel utilized a user-focused approach for the design, test, evaluation, and qualification activities for these programs and were involvemed at all levels with user juries, CPD reviews, design reviews, IPRs, and customer-funded test events.

DES personnel possess extensive experience participating in all levels of a program. This experience will represent the users' needs throughout the entire research program and weave these needs into the requirements driven activity through a systematic approach.   Other expertise includes automotive requirements analysis, automotive reliability and mobility Test and Evaluation (T&E).  Further experience includes FMS support to JPO for international MRAP vehicle sales, CRADA work with light vehicle survivability research, program management for MRAP, multi-phased vehicle development programs, Program of Record support, armor system qualification at ARLResearch and Development (R&D), product design, CAD, FEA, drawing creation, modeling and simulation, and consulting for all aspects of combat/tactical vehicle programs. 


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